How Penis Pump Gives You Rock Hard Erections Without Medication

For the last several decades millions of men worldwide who are in stable relationships prefer using penis pumps over medications to solve their sexual impotency problems. Modern day penis pumps are of very good quality and offer superior performance and safety than their older counterparts. They are also used as a masturbator because they have a gentle vibrating mechanism which provides intense sexual pleasure during operation.

There are many types of penis pumps available in the market and they are used for many purposes. Doctors often recommend their patients to use penis pumps for curing impotency problems. Men often use them in order to increase the length and girth of their organ and also as a masturbating tool. Despite the many varieties of pumps available in the market all the penis pumps have a common working principle.

Penis pumps consist of a cylinder which is to be put over the penis. The cylinder is connected with a pump which can be motorized, manual or battery driven. The pump sucks out the air inside the cylinder thus creating a vacuum and strong pressure on the penis. This forces the blood in your body to rush inside the penis filling up and engorging the penile tissues. At this point of time a constriction ring is slipped down to the base of the erect penis and then the vacuum pressure inside the cylinder is released to prevent any damage to the penile tissues due to excessive pressure.

The constriction ring placed at the base of the penis retains the blood inside the penis and helps it to stay erect long enough for you to complete your sexual activity. The constriction ring should be kept no longer than thirty minutes to prevent damage to the penile tissues.  Below is given a step-by-step description on how to use the penis pump safely to get the best possible results:-

1) Push your penis into the ring connected at the base of the cylinder until the mouth of the tube is pressed firmly against your body. Make sure your testicles are out of the cylinder chamber.

2) Start to pump slowly and continue to pump for a maximum period of twenty minutes. Do not over pump as it will seriously damage your penile tissues.

3) In case you experience any pain, quickly release the pressure inside the cylinder and stop using the penis pump.

4) Once an erection is achieved, quickly slip in a cock ring at the base of the penis and then release the pressure inside the pump. The cock ring helps to restrict the blood flow and maintain the erection.

5) Do not wear the cock ring for more than thirty minutes as wearing it for anytime longer can result in a permanent damage to your penile tissues.

Penis pumps like Penomet are proven to be highly effective when it comes to the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Men who find it difficult to respond to oral medications for impotence are recommended by their doctors to use penis pumps. Penis pumps work externally and do not have the side-effects that typically come with the medications.

An erection is generally achieved when blood flows into the penis and fills up and engorges the penile tissues. Men who suffer from erectile dysfunction fail to achieve this due to some reason or the other. Cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, type-II diabetes, etc. are some of the physical problems that are often the root cause behind erectile dysfunction. Modern day penis pumps give you instant erection by making the blood flow into the penis and keeping it erect for a longer period of time. As long as you don’t start to abuse, the use of a penis pump is very safe and effective.

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