Pills: Do They Work?

There are hundreds of “male enhancement” pills on the market. A few of them have huge marketing budgets and the commercials are familiar. The most familiar commercials are the ones with the husband and wife who can’t stop smiling and a whole neighborhood obsessed with their sex life.

It is important to know that no pill can give you a bigger penis.

You read that right: there is no pill that can make your penis larger.

“Male enhancement” means stronger, firmer erections, better blood flow to the penis and an increased ability to perform during sex. While having a firmer erection may appear to give a man a larger penis, he is still the same size pillsas he was before the pill.

There are essentially two different types of pills: one type directly increases blood flow to the penis, the other aids the overall health of the circulatory system, including the penis.

The first one increases blood flow directly to the penis. What is happening is that these drugs are able to dilate the blood vessels leading to the penis, allowing blood to enter the penis and aid with an erection.

The second type are generally herbs and vitamins that help the circulatory system as a whole. They help to make all the walls of blood vessels in body more pliable. They can dilate all the blood vessels in the body and can thus have a positive overall effect on erections and penile functioning.

So what if you want a larger penis, not just a harder penis?

You need to use a penis pump or a penis stretching system to actually make your penis larger. These devices are specially designed to cause growth, direct growth of the penis.

What is the function of the pills?

The pills can be a huge help for men who are having difficulty getting erections. Of course, prescription drugs an be very helpful, but you must see a doctor first. Never take these drugs unless you have seen a doctor. They are powerful drugs that affect your entire body and you don’t want to find out in the emergency room that they will have a bad effect on you.

Similarly, the herbs that are on the market to help give you an erection can be dangerous. There are thousands of stories of guys who took a herb to help them get an erection. Hours later, they still have a painful erection and they have to go the emergency to have it drained. For some of them, that will be the last erection they ever have, because an erection that lasts that long can damage the very sensitive tissues of the penis.

If you want a larger penis you need to get a good quality penis pump, follow the instructions and know that it will take time. Not years, but definitely months.

The products that use vitamins and minerals to aid in male penis health can be very beneficial. Because they are good for overall physical health, they can aid the penis and the rest of the body to be healthier and stronger. This is a great opportunity to find a good quality supplement and help your whole body.

Since no pill will make your penis larger, if that is your goal, then you should look at the penis enlargers that are on the market. With a good quality supplement, a high quality penis pump and maybe a bit of exercise, you can have your partner smiling like a commercial wife and husband.

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