The Seductive Power of Caresses and the Impact They Have on Your Sex Life

The caresses with an act that leads couples to experience unforgettable feelings and open the door to times of intimacy, but by many are ignored.

Raquel Díaz Illescas, a psychologist and sexologist, said in a conversation with the newspaper El Mundo: “This is for you, it is a good way to work the fine touch, calm the mind and learn to caress.”

“Yes, it’s not just for you to learn braille, do it if you want. Nor is it an act of empathy with people who are blind, although it would not be bad for all people to do so. It is an opportunity for your caresses to become more seductive and unforgettable, both on the body of another person, and on your own, “he added.

Here the spread by the Spanish medium on the pleasure of caresses:

Caress me

Generally, to ask to be caressed is to want them to slide over your body, to gently rub your skin, showing affection, complicity or desire, usually with your hands, although it works with any other part of the body. It is one of the ways to express affection, and not all are physical, there are verbal and nonverbal, as with a loving look or pleasant words and nice, for example.

It is also an expression of love, whatever it may be. A caress is a way of saying “I love you” to your partner, your son or daughter, your close friends, your father, your mother, your grandparents or whoever believes and believes that you will be well received, for the caresses are To generate well-being, not to disturb.

The family generates the first psycho-affective learning, caresses being an important part in the construction of self-esteem, present and future. Family affective and relational models are learned and repeated within and outside the family nucleus. Therefore, it is very probable that, if a person develops in an affective environment, with relatives who express their affection, this in turn does it with the rest of their social interactions, among friends, with the couples, their future children and Its surroundings, according to the level of closeness.

Of course, sexual and erotic intentionality would not be present when we cherish our children, but that does not mean that we feel pleasure when our parents caress us, hug us or smile at us, right? Intentionality tints different affections. Why do I caress my partner and why do I caress my son? Obviously they are not the same goals.

How to enjoy the caresses

I will focus on the tactile modality as many people have difficulty, or do not know how to do it or receive it. There are people who stand up with pleasure and others of displeasure or fear when touched or offered. It probably has to do with your psycho-affective scheme. Maybe you had negative experiences associated with touch throughout your life or your caring skills may not be very developed, no more.

The fear must be out of the game. At least you have to take risks and gain confidence. It is necessary to focus on the sensations and abstract from external or internal interferences, not listening to our limiting thoughts, like “I do not know how to do it”, “I will not like it” or “What if I generate rejection?”, For example.

The psychologist Diaz Illescas, recommends taking care of the aesthetics of the hands, which do not scratch, use creams and filing the nails, as they can be part of the caresses.

“The caresses need patience, perform them without haste and let the fingers travel to discover new corners,” says the expert. “Do not forget to do it in waves, as if your hands were sea waves that reach the beach in full. Areas like armpits are often forgotten but absolutely delicious, that bathes the waves.”

Imagine that you are giving cream on someone’s body or on your own for the sole purpose of moisturizing. It’s mechanical, that would not be caresses. If you do it with an additional affective objective, such as caring, offering pleasure and affection or increasing your desire or self-esteem, with more or less intensity and without trying to give a massage necessarily, that are caresses.

Do not forget that pleasure is received by who gives and who receives, and if I give it, double pleasure for me. So you could put it into practice in your body.

Exercises to learn to caress

Desire plays an important role but it would not be enough to do it right. There are people with a lot of desire but not very skilled.

Raquel D. Illescas, says that we can practice in many ways in our day to day. Apart from the Braille dice, we can use Chinese balls, but not the vaginal ones, but the manual and metallic, used for meditation and relaxation. They are usually two that we spin continuously in one of our hands. Unlock and streamline our fingers.

Performing activities such as pottery, caressing and molding clay, or playing with the putties or modeling pastes that children use for their crafts and games will be a fun and very creative training.

Likewise, playing with the snow, writing or drawing on it or on the frost that is generated in the crystals of your car or making castles on the beach, decorating them with ‘churritos’ of sand and water or defining details with the finger, would be a Very effective training.

Types of strokes

Training is fundamental, but the intention and intensity are even more so. That way we could get warm or tender caresses.

– Stroking your partner’s feet under the blanket generates rapprochement. If they have tickles, better caress the area of ​​the instep, less sensitive than the plant, and bet on the pedicures. A scratch can have the opposite effect.

– Making handyman in the cinema, literally, is to caress the hands of the person who accompanies him. Interlacing the fingers and caressing the interdigital areas is a great activator of desire.

– Stroking your back in bed to fall asleep is a very intense act of love, as long as you like the other part. And if he does not get to sleep, it can generate heat and the caresses are mutual and intense.

– Slide your hands down the inside of your body. The skin is much more sensitive, although not everyone supports so much stimulation.

– Stroking with a tender or insinuating look, as you want, while gently touching another person or include beautiful or sexy words, will get your whole body to increase the effect of physical caress.

– Write or guess loving messages or rogues with the braille dice. To get them to understand you, both will have to train. They will become caring experts.

– And what would you like to stroke his tongue, lips or cheeks when kissing? Touching my lips has always struck me as a magical caress.

– Dancing, the rubbing of a breast on the body of the other person can become a very sensual caress, as well as the rubbing of the male genitals under the clothes, if desired, of course. To achieve the first, the ‘kizomba’ is very suitable, and for the last, a sensual bachata will not disappoint.

Surround yourself with caring people who caress your life.

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